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Supercardio once again offers you a mini session of Supercardio +, which you can add to your daily training. Therefore, these additional training tools that Supercardio offers can be integrated occasionally (and not every day) after your workout.

Note that the sheet ” The countdown Which is modifiable based on your fitness level, it can be used to achieve one or more of the goals listed below.

Training sheet

Click the image below to download the file (in PDF):

The different uses of this session

As mentioned above, the session on ” The countdown It can have several uses. Here are some …

1- To add a plus to your daily training session and thus increase your caloric expenditure. Can be placed at the end of your planned session on your regular training schedule or later in the day (example: morning workout and late afternoon Supercardio + session)

2- This session can also be used as a tool to evaluate the progress of your physical condition during a certain period of time. So at the beginning of a program of your choice, you can complete that session, giving you a starting point and rechecking everything after a few weeks or at the end of your regular training program. Therefore, you have a visual and quantified comparison.

3- You can also use this session as a friendly competition with a friend or family member. Choose your variables (time and reps) and challenge yourself as a duo or in a group! This type of challenge can be very pleasant and motivating since it can be modified according to the capacity of the participants.

Session protocol

1- Do the exercises in the order of 1 to 5.

2- For the first series, you must perform 10 repetitions per movement (you can also start at 7 or even, in 5 reps for the first time, always according to your level of physical conditioning).

3-For the second series of your session, you must perform the same sequence of 5 movements, but, this time, in decreasing by one rep for each movement (hence 9 reps for this set, if you had started with 10 repetitions).

4-The protocol is simple; so every time you start a set you must decrease by one rep (for example, for the 3rd series, you will have 8 repetitions, etc …).

5-Therefore, you will complete the session when you have completed the last series with 1 single repetition for the 5 exercises.

As mentioned above, You can adapt this session according to your level and decide to start, for your first experience with this challenge, in 5 reps (instead of 10) and increase by 1 reps during your next session, so on, if you see an improvement. Remember that for this type of training you can take as many breaks as you want (listen to your body). On the other hand, the goal is to complete the session as quickly as possible. Set your time to check your progress on the next try! As in all sessions, you must first warm up to prepare yourself physically.


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