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cardio gym : The 4-minute cardio pyramid

This short but intense session from the Supercardio + collection can be easily modified and adapted according to your fitness level or your goals. Therefore, you can use this Pyramid Cardio principle as a quick addition to your daily session, to add an additional cardiovascular element to it.

Training sheet

Click the image below to download the file (in PDF):

The different options of this session

As mentioned above and also explained in the printable document, the Pyramide Cardio by Supercardio + can be adapted to your liking, according to your physical capabilities by modifying either the effort and / or the rest time, the exercises or even the use of a weight.

1- A matter of increasing the intensity and duration of the session, you can increase the effort time from 20 to 30 seconds and even adjust the rest time (trying to maintain a ratio that suits you

2- According to your tastes and your personal goals, you can change one or more exercises with the movements of your choice.

Session protocol

The principle is simple: it is a matter of adding, to all new sets, an additional exercise in the sequence before taking a break. Thus, during the first series you will have only one exercise before your 10 second rest and during the last series, you will have to complete the 4 exercises consecutively before the final rest.

As mentioned above, you have the opportunity to tailor this session according to your fitness level, mainly by modifying the time variables or the exercises. As in all sessions, you must first warm up to prepare yourself physically.


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