My COMPLETE workout routine (Workouts, diet, and cardio!)
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cardio gym : My COMPLETE workout routine (Workouts, diet, and cardio!)

See my science-based programs here: Or take my free optimization quiz to find what’s best for you – I’m often asked what my entire workout program and workout routine looks like, so I thought I’d cover it on this video. I’ll cover what my workout split looks like (how I split my chest, back, traps, arms, shoulders, abs, and legs workouts throughout the week), but more importantly, I’ll explain why I use that workout. divided over others. I’ll also cover my personal diet, cardio, and abs routine at this point, as well as the often-overlooked routines that I incorporate, such as my mobility and pre-bedroom routine. Although my routine at the moment is geared towards losing fat rather than building muscle, similar concepts apply and I’ll show you how you can implement what I do in your own routine. Enjoy! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook: Music: Studies: Training frequency 2x / week: Protein meta-analysis :.

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